Active After School Communities Program

Funskills has been selected by the Australian Sports Commission as a registered and committed deliverer of the Active After-School Communities Program (AASC), launched by the Government in 2005 to combat childhood obesity and enhance the physical activity of Australian primary school children.

The program is designed to engage traditionally non-active children in structured physical activities and to build pathways to life long participation in sport.

What is the Active After-School Communities Program?

The AASC is a national program that is part of the Australian Government’s $116m “Building a Healthy, Active Australia” package. It provides primary school-aged children with access to free, structured physical activity programs in the after-school timeslot of 3-00pm to 5-30pm.

What are the objectives of the AASC program?

  • To enhance the physical activity of Australian primary school-aged children through a nationally co-ordinated program.
  • To provide increased opportunities for inclusive participation in quality, safe and fun structured physical activities.
  • To grow community capacity and stimulate local community involvement in sport and structured physical activity.

Funskills delivers the best quality multi-sports program where kids practice, develop and enhance their motor and social skills whilst having endless fun through play.
Furthermore, the program encourages a healthy lifestyle and increases the children’s overall fitness.

All children who participate in our program will gain the confidence required to perform the following physical and social skills:

* Running
* Catching
* Kicking
* Throwing
* Passing
* Skipping
* Jumping
* Balancing
* Ball skills
* Listening
* Teamwork   

* Sportsmanship
* Confidence 
* Taking turns
* Communication
* Independence
* Making friends
* Decision making

All our programs are designed to include unlimited variety and creativity.Funskills provides all professional sporting equipment including balls,hoops,skipping ropes,cricket equipment,tug-of-war rope and much,much more.
The children are fully supervised by our qualified staff who are passionate about developing children’s sporting and life skills whilst improving their health and fitness along the way.

Funskills is currently delivering the AASC “Playing for Life” program in the
following schools:

  • Daceyville Public School
  • Banksmedow Public OOSH
  • Bondi Beach Public School
  • Botany Public School OOSH
  • Bronte Public School
  • Chifley Public School
  • Clovelly Public School
  • Double Bay Public School
  • Gardeners Road Primary OOSH
  • Kensington Public School
  • Malabar Public School
  • Maroubra Junction Public School
  • Pagewood Public School
  • Randwick Primary OOSH
  • St. Brigids Primary, Coogee
  • St. Therese Primary, Mascot
  • Sydney Girls High School

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