About Us

Funskills is an exciting company aimed at pre-school and primary school children between 5 to 12 years of age. Our primary goal is to encourage and motivate Aussie kids to become more active and to develop and enhance their sporting and social skills in a fun-filled environment.

Our specially designed multi-sports programs aim to encourage physical activity, group participation and develop confidence and self-esteem through games, activities and sporting challenges – motivating children without the added pressure of sports competition.

The emphasis is on fun in a non-competitive environment whilst developing children’s basic motor skills and co-ordinated body movements. Active kids are happy kids – and by promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle we aim to instil movement and exercise habits at an early age that will remain with the children throughout their lives.

Our trained and qualified coaching staff are dedicated to their love of sport and fitness and are experienced in working with children. Their knowledge and enthusiasm will benefit all participants and inspire and motivate them to unlock their unlimited potential.

Funskills is passionate and committed to delivering a unique program that will benefit your child and help instil a healthy and positive outlook on life. Our goals are achieved through a variety of pre-school and primary school clinics, sports birthday parties, school holiday sports camps and corporate events.

Below are some helpful and informative websites promoting children’s health,fitness and diet.Click on the links below to find out more: